Geospectrum caters to the growing need for accurate, up-to-date and timely geospatial information to support decision making and planning activities. We distributes high resolution, high cadence (monthly, weekly and daily revisit) satellite imagery and value-added products that address a wide range of applications.

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  Whether you are from the agricultural sector looking for timely satellite imagery for crop monitoring; from the government needing spatial data for better resource management; from the academe trying to do innovative research that will contribute to the development of our country; or from any sector that needs relevant and accurate geospatial data to be used for your applications, Geospectrum, together with its global partners, offers a wide range of products that are tailor fit according to your needs.


Our subscription program of continuous imaging of places you care about. Planet can easily provide you with high spatial (3-5 meter 4-band imagery) and high temporal accuracy (fresh data every 6 hours) satellite data for your area of inretest. These data can be easily accessed through a fully customizable subscription program. (Targeted, Broad area, Subnational, National & International)

A la carte imagery that is tailored for one-time purchase of satellite data . Planet imagery for a defined area of interest and specific date of coverage.

Keep track of historical changes with Planet Archives’ extensive collection of proprietary datasets dating back to 2009, and public datasets dating back to 1972. With the substantial 10+ billion sq km area of satellite imagery, you can perform predictive and trend analysis and implement machine learning algorithms for your AOI requirements.

4-band (red, green, blue, NIR) satellite imagery with very high spatial resolution (0.5 meters). Available for tasking configurations on the Planet Explorer Platform to suit your imaging needs for targeted areas or even wide areas for mapping purposes. With feasibility-dependent imaging through Skysat satellites, you can monitor changes at a closer look with a guaranteed 15% or less cloud cover.

Ready-to-use seamless, color-balanced, cloud-free mosaics – ready for immediate use. With the high revisit rates of Planet satellites, it is possible to capture scenes at its best condition, free from cloud, haze and other disturbances. With this capability, Planet can provide you with the most seamless, color-balanced and virtually cloud-free mosaic. (Enhanced, Standard, Timelapse)

0.5-meter spatial resolution with two meter vertical and horizontal accuracy (with GCP). Detailed variation of buildings can be determined with such high resolution. Also available in 1- and 2- meter resolution. Scientific analysis, Civil engineering, etc.

AW3D Standard is the world's best global DEM. More than 3 million satellite imageries are used to create the most comprehensive high resolution digital 3D imagery today. Global coverage, short delivery, low cost. Disaster prevention, construction sims, etc.

Available in 30cm, 40cm, 60cm and 2.5 m resolution. High accuracy, high resolution. Mapping, Facility management, etc.

3D map with the shape and height of building from the latest images. Building datasets include shape and building footprint. These datasets are used for many simulations such as telecommunication, asset planning, spatial analysis of the view. High accuracy, three-dimensional. City planning, etc.

We provide complete eTOD (electric terrain & Obstacle Data) datasets creayed from high-resolution satellite imageries, which is required data for plane's take-off and landing procedures, as well as airport's facility management.

Not only does it comply with many telecommunication operator's standard, thanks to its high-accuracy, AW3d Telecom is also applicable for any other signal propagation analyses such as car-to-car communication in a self-driving system. 4G/5G propagation simulation etc.

ALOS - Advanced Land Observing Satellite, which was launched by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in January 2006. ALOS has three remote-sensing instruments, PRISM is a panchromatic radiometer with high resolution in order to obtain terrain data including elevation. AVNIR-2 is a visible and near-infrared radiometer for observing land and coastal zones and provides for better spatial resolution. PALSAR is a phased array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar, an active microwave sensor for cloud free and day and night land observation. ALOS contributes to technology development that is needed for future earth observation. ©RESTEC

The Advanced Land Observing Satellite-2 (ALOS-2) is follow-on mission from the “DAICHI”, which contributed to cartography, regional observation, disaster monitoring, and resource surveys. ALOS-2 will succeed this mission with enhanced capabilities. Specifically, JAXA is conducting research and development activities to improve wide and high-resolution observation technologies developed for DAICHI in order to further fulfill social needs. ©RESTEC

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